Wapenschild Civil Registry ITEGEM BSKEMPEN




This page lists the records of the Civil Registry available for the municipality of Itegem.
The index files available are listed in the table below. All files are compressed in zip-format. Each compressed file usually contains three index files in MS-Excel format. The date in the last column of the table refers to the most recent update of the zip-file. The numbers in columns three to five refer to the number of records available for births, deaths, and marriages, respectively.
To download, right-click and choose "Save target as...". To decompress the file, either double-click and choose "Files>Extract all" (Windows XP or later), or use a dedicated decompression program.

Type Period proofreaded until births marriages deaths date
BS 1792-1910 1792-1910 5.046 1.055 3.562 01-06-2021

The records of the civil registry for the city of Itegem are available on the websites of Familysearch (FS) or the State Archives (RA). The table below lists all available collections on the website of Familysearch or the State Archives.

Referentie Jaar Referentie Jaar Referentie Jaar
ITG-FS01 Decennial index 1792-1802 ITG-FS01 Decennial index 1792-1802 ITG-FS01 Decennial index 1792-1802
ITG-FS01 births 1801-1806 ITG-FS01 marriages 1801-1806 ITG-FS01 deaths 1801-1806
ITG-FS02 births 1807-1821 ITG-FS02 marriages 1807-1821 ITG-FS02 deaths 1807-1821
ITG-FS03 births 1822-1829 ITG-FS03 marriages 1822-1829 ITG-FS03 deaths 1822-1829
ITG-FS04 births 1830-1834 ITG-FS04 marriages 1830-1834 ITG-FS04 deaths 1830-1834
ITG-FS05 births 1835-1839 ITG-FS05 marriages 1835-1839 ITG-FS05 deaths 1835-1839
ITG-FS06 births 1840-1844 ITG-FS06 marriages 1840-1844 ITG-FS06 deaths 1840-1844
ITG-FS07 births 1845-1848 ITG-FS07 marriages 1845-1848 ITG-FS07 deaths 1845-1848
ITG-FS08 births 1849-1854 ITG-FS08 marriages 1849-1854 ITG-FS08 deaths 1849-1854
ITG-FS09 births 1855-1859 ITG-FS09 marriages 1855-1859 ITG-FS09 deaths 1855-1859
ITG-FS10 births 1860-1864 ITG-FS10 marriages 1860-1864 ITG-FS10 deaths 1860-1864
ITG-FS11 births 1865-1870 ITG-FS11 marriages 1865-1870 ITG-FS11 deaths 1865-1870
ITG-FS12 births 1871-1881 ITG-FS12 marriages 1871-1881 ITG-FS12 deaths 1871-1880
ITG-FS13 births 1882-1890 ITG-FS13 marriages 1882-1890 ITG-FS13 deaths 1881-1890
ITG births 1891-1900 ITG marriages 1891-1900 ITG deaths 1891-1900
ITG-FS24 births 1901 ITG-FS24 marriages 1901 ITG-FS24 deaths 1901
ITG-FS25 births 1902 ITG-FS25 marriages 1902 ITG-FS25 deaths 1902
ITG-FS26 births 1903 ITG-FS26 marriages 1903 ITG-FS26 deaths 1903
ITG-FS27 births 1904 ITG-FS27 marriages 1904 ITG-FS27 deaths 1904
ITG-FS28 births 1905 ITG-FS28 marriages 1905 ITG-FS28 deaths 1905
ITG-FS29 births 1906 ITG-FS29 marriages 1906 ITG-FS29 deaths 1906
ITG-FS30 births 1907 ITG-FS30 marriages 1907 ITG-FS30 deaths 1907
ITG-FS31 births 1908 ITG-FS31 marriages 1908 ITG-FS31 deaths 1908
ITG-FS32 births 1909 ITG-FS32 marriages 1909 ITG-FS32 deaths 1909
ITG-FS33 births 1910 ITG-FS33 marriages 1910 ITG-FS33 deaths 1910